Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Afraid, it still doesn't look right

Even with all of the ways to track open rates, and click-through rates of an email promo, there really is no way to beat the good old fashioned way of just misspelling a word an then see who's really paying attention. Congratulations to those of you who caught on to our little ploy.

Tim's Top Ten Reactions to Misspelling Afraid.

10. Doh! Lousy college dropout.
09. A-f-f-f-raid, you know, like they're scared
08. Spellcheck anyone?
07. We just wanted to see who was paying attention.
06. Endorphin rush gone awry.
05. Blame the illegals.
04. It just looks cooler with two Fs.
03. My wife was out of town.
02. At least the photo was in focus.
01. Sarah Palin is my studio manager.