Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Izod Golf, Tehama... California.

Just finished shooting in Southern California for Izod and Tehama. We had to dodge some raindrops, but enjoyed the greenery just the same. Here's a taste.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Native Eyewear Catalog

Well, I've just gotten my hands on the Native Eyewear 2010 catalog and it looks great!! Many thanks to everyone involved in the project.

Motive (Denver) produced the shoot in Seattle back in August, and also handled all of the design work on the catalog. We were involved early on in the project and the final product really shows what a great concept, great organization, great communication can accomplish. Matt Statman and the rest of the Motive team really listened to us when it came to explaining what it would take to create the images we all wanted, and then, they gave us the time and the resources to make it all happen. Native Eyewear and Motive are both to be commended for sticking to there original ideas and making sure the printed piece reflected the image Native wanted to convey. Too often, design-by-committee and lack of a clear vision result in a boring final product, but not in this case.

Early on, we discussed the creative vision for this book and agreed on the gritty/urban feel that we wanted to carry through all of the images. Seattle presented a great variety of locations that fit this feeling and we scouted and planned the shoot days based on optimizing the look and feel we wanted.

Once we had our plans in place, we followed a group of athletes around Seattle for most of a week, while they pulled-off some great tricks, we all dodged the cops and came away with an exciting set of images for Native.

Here are a few of the images from the project, a few more scattered through the studio website.