Monday, August 31, 2009

Pearl Izumi print ads via Pocket Hercules

Earlier in the summer we had some fun producing a set of images for a Pearl Izumi advertising campaign. The ads for the Louisville (CO) based apparel manufacturer were created by Pocket Hercules (Minneapolis). The initial ads ran during the Tour de France and follow up versions are currently running in national cycling publications.

The humorous campaign is built around the International Federation of Apparel Compliance (IFAC), and it's crackdown on performance enhancing apparel produced by the Pearl Izumi Speed Shop. The images we created show various scenes of naked cyclists having recently been busted and stripped of their illegal apparel, while IFAC's Bernard LaBoeuf proudly displays the confiscated items in an evidence bag.

It was a team effort to create the various scenes, led by Pocket's creative director, Jason Smith. All of the images were created locally near the Pearl Izumi headquarters in Louisville.

Check out the video for the IFAC here.

Here are three of the final ads, as well as a few behind the scenes photos (see previous post).

Pearl Izumi IFAC-behind the scenes

Dry road, sunny day...
... just add water.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Run, Tera, Run!

Colorado's own Tera Moody will toe the line for the marathon in Berlin on Sunday representing our country in the World Championships.

Tera is great runner who's gotten some notoriety in Runner's World lately for her chronic insomnia, hopefully she has a great race on Sunday and the real story becomes her top performance at the world champs.

Tera and I got together in June on a whim to take advantage of the great stormy skies we were having every afternoon. Here are a few images we were able to make before getting drenched.

Monday, August 3, 2009

For real. You can feel the difference, can't you?

Are you like me? Are you tired of being fed crappy fake images? CGI movies and Photoshop Frankensteins. In the digital world, anything is possible, and we are saturated with created realities that do nothing but make us doubt what is real.

Don't forget that there are amazing people out there, doing spectacular things, it's an insult to their hard work to assume that we need to improve upon their feats. If you're skilled enough to capture the real, there is no need for the unreal.

If you need a dose of the genuinely spectacular, here are a few images, created 100 percent in-camera. Real location, real skies, and real athletes going balls out! And yes, real rocks, flying through the air... I've got the bumps on my head to prove it.

Triathlete's World cover

British Triathlete Dion Harrison is featured on the August cover of Triathlete's World (UK). Dion has been spending the summer training in Boulder and we caught up with him a few weeks ago. Between dodging the traffic and the raindrops, we managed to get a nice image of Dion for the cover.