Monday, August 3, 2009

For real. You can feel the difference, can't you?

Are you like me? Are you tired of being fed crappy fake images? CGI movies and Photoshop Frankensteins. In the digital world, anything is possible, and we are saturated with created realities that do nothing but make us doubt what is real.

Don't forget that there are amazing people out there, doing spectacular things, it's an insult to their hard work to assume that we need to improve upon their feats. If you're skilled enough to capture the real, there is no need for the unreal.

If you need a dose of the genuinely spectacular, here are a few images, created 100 percent in-camera. Real location, real skies, and real athletes going balls out! And yes, real rocks, flying through the air... I've got the bumps on my head to prove it.

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