Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another World Record Falls!

Beijing isn't the only place that records are falling. For the second time this week the record for the fastest bicycle commute ever between my house and my studio has been shattered. This time the elusive 70 minute barrier was smashed. “ I think a real key was ignoring the phone call I got around the 20 mile mark” I said, “ had I taken the call, you never know if I would have been able to continue my breakneck pace along the bike path”. Conditions were nearly perfect this morning with temperatures in the low 60s and no wind. “The gnats along the river were also at a minimum, I think I only had to cough up one or two” I continued to myself. Another key to the record time over the 24 mile route was the lack of interference from the homeless community. At times the wandering homeless can really be tough to negotiate as they arise after a night sleeping under the various bridges along the way, “sometimes I feel of bad for them, but hey, its kind of like camping and I wish I had more time for that”.

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