Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nice work from Taylor Guitars

A couple of months back I bought a new guitar for my son. The guitar is a beautiful acoustic from Taylor. A few weeks ago he got a copy of their in-house produced magazine in the mail, the winter 2009 issue of Wood & Steel. It’s been sitting around on the coffee table, and I’ve noticed that I keep picking it up, something about it keeps beckoning me to flip through the pages again and again.
This is a big printed piece that features some beautiful photography (very well used) and simple classy design that doesn’t compete with the images of the elegant products. This is the kind of printed piece that I would have held onto and gained inspiration from many years ago, when I first picked up a camera. I guess I’m still doing that.
In the spirit of celebrating what is good, I’d like to congratulate the people at Taylor for producing a beautiful printed piece, their craftsmanship extends beyond their guitars, well done!

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