Monday, February 7, 2011

Project: Billings, Montana

Last fall we spent some time working with AD Creative Group to create a series of images for the Billings, Montana Convention and Visitor's Bureau. The series of ads will be used in print, outdoor, and on the web throughout 2011. Here's a peek at some of the layouts, and a few production shots as well.

It's always great to see the images once they are dropped into their final form with all of the design elements in place. AD has done some really nice design, letting the images carry the message and tying things together with complimentary graphic and type elements.

AD's Creative Director, Andy Yates came to me with some ideas for the project and we began a collaboration that yielded some great results. We would need to create nine scenes over a five-day shoot, showcasing various elements of Billings, everything from family activities, dining, hiking to passing through town on a Harley. We created a rough schedule for the shots and then adjusted on the fly as the week went on to make the most of good weather while we had it. Our planning and flexibility, along with the great local resources pulled together by AD's President, Eric Finstad who's help was invaluable.

Thanks to everyone involved!

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